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What is the GTD Method?

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. Then, when you need to schedule a meeting, you would just give the person your Calendly link so people can choose the best time slot for them. I like this one because it requires less work for the other party, and you can choose the times that are best for you that week — not based on a predetermined schedule, like Calendly.

They even have names — Amy and Andrew — depending on the sex you choose.

Getting Things Done®: The 10 Best Apps for GTD®

Highly is a freemium browser extension, which allows you to highlight the Internet. Nimbus is one of the best screenshot and screen recording browser extensions out there. We especially like it because it lets you beautifully capture long web pages and then mark them up, if needed. Often, project managers put together the perfect plan, but executing it and keeping the team updated can be a struggle.

In Hive , everyone on the team receives real-time updates on their projects. More so, every project can be viewed in multiple ways — as a Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, Calendar, and more. Updates are reflected across all project views so everyone can work how they want — and the whole team stays informed. Tasks assigned to you across all projects also populate in your own personal to-do list.

Even better, Hive includes group chat, which is accessible easily in your dashboard. ClickUp is a productivity tool that features process, task and time management capabilities. The tool features multiple views, like Gantt and Kanban, and internal analytics. Need to brainstorm? Mindmeister is a great choice. You can use it privately, to map out your editorial workflow, or you can publish your mind maps to the web and share them as content.

HubSpot free sales software is a CRM, like Streak, except it lives more outside of your inbox, than inside, although you will see little orange buttons appear in your email after you install the extension.

What is GTD?

The best news? Its arsenal of tools include: G-Docs, Slides, Spreadsheets and much more. Office is a complete suite of cloud productivity apps, including Excel, Outlook, Word, SharePoint and more. Toggl is an app that makes it super easy to track your time. The web app allows you to create projects, clients, teams and tags so everything is properly categorized.

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When the timer begins, you can add a description to your current task; associate it with a project; or fill in more details later. Zonebox is one of our Mac timer apps of choice. Inbox When Ready is a simple Chrome extension that blocks out your inbox so you can focus on the emails you want to attend to first. When you open Gmail, it will just show a blank screen, and in red text, it tells you how many times you viewed your inbox today and how long you spent in it.

Who said productivity apps are only about getting more done? Have you ever heard that certain music can help you focus? Music can help you focus, relax and sleep.

Beautiful GTD™ software for Getting Things Done

RescueTime tracks your every move on the computer to tell you how productive or unproductive you are. Timing is one of our favorite productivity apps. It starts automatically tracking when you turn on your computer. By observing how you use your Mac, Timing categorizes your activities.

It even automatically recognizes blocks of time that belong together. If you follow GTD or are thinking of adopting it, you need an app built to work with this unique system. While there are hundreds of to-do apps you could use, we tested more than 30 options to find the 10 best apps for GTD.

These apps help you follow GTD and get more done. Getting Things Done contains both overarching theories about personal productivity as well as a step-by-step approach for organizing everything you need to do. As mentioned, an important principle in GTD is to focus on the right tasks at the right time.

Location words, such as "home" and "office" show up often on a GTD task list. Additionally, GTD encourages you to write down any tasks or ideas that pop into your mind quickly so you can get them out of your mind and save them for later without getting distracted from whatever you're doing in the moment. While the GTD method has a lot more to it and you can implement this with pen and paper, those two examples—using location words and writing down ideas quickly—are reasons an app designed for GTD is superior to using paper.

Additionally, editing your tasks is easier and cleaner in an app than on paper, whether you're re-prioritizing items, re-assigning due dates, or changing your language to be more specific about what you need to get done. Some including Allen have argued that when you remember a task that you need to write down, it's faster to do it on paper than take out your phone, open an app, and tap the right buttons.

But that's not necessarily the case when you sit in front of a computer all day long, or if you use speech-to-text dictation on your phone. Being able to send a note from the email app that's already open on your desktop directly into your to-do app can save you time and prevent distractions that can come from looking at other ideas you've jotted down.

Similarly, having a shortcut on your phone that opens a new task note in your GTD app where you can dictate an idea is anything but tedious. It's fast, efficient, and simple. Capabilities such as those are part of what make some GTD apps better than others.

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A Note on Price: GTD apps are rarely free, and when a free tier of service is available, it's often quite limited. The apps on this list all meet three basic requirements. First, they have features that are specific to GTD, such as the ability to add context to tasks. Second, they're accessible on more than one platform, because it's important to be able to refer to your GTD list no matter where you are.

In a perfect world, we'd favor apps that are available on as many platforms as possible, but among GTD apps, some of the better ones are for macOS and iOS only. Third, they have to be intuitive to use and well designed, so people will actually use them. That's something we determined through hands-on testing. A little more on the first point: As many followers of GTD know, some apps are specifically designed for the method while others are flexible and can be used for it if you set them up for that purpose.

For example, note-taking app Evernote wasn't designed specifically for Allen's method, but you can easily configure the settings and features to use Evernote for GTD. Nevertheless, we don't include apps of that nature here. If you're looking for a task-management app with more flexibility, see also our recommendations of the 40 best to-do apps. One helpful feature for people who follow GTD is that 2do has built-in fields for adding specific details to your task, such as place for a phone number when your task involves making a call or sending a text.

Getting Things Done (GTD) Method + The 8 Best GTD Apps of

Every task can have a unique reminder at a certain time with a tone, pop-up message, or whatever else you customize for it. This reasonably priced app doesn't offer collaboration natively, but you can share lists when you sync it via Apple Reminders. It also doesn't let you create new tasks via email, unless you sync it via Toodledo and use the email option provided in that app.

The web and mobile app FacileThings has a slick interface and uses several GTD-specific hooks to make it compelling. Its best feature is a two-step process called Capture and Clarify. You write down tasks quickly when they come to mind in a tab of the app called Capture, then when the time is right, you review them one by one in the Clarify section. It works very well for people who follow a strict GTD methodology, but it's not ideal if you like to add details to your tasks such as deadline, urgency flag, estimated amount of time to complete when they come to mind because you must wait until the Clarify step to do so.

Overall, FacileThings is a very good app with a wealth of features, including the ability to add tasks via email, and an aesthetically pleasing design. Firetask includes an option to delegate tasks by assigning them to your contacts, though it doesn't offer true collaboration the way full-featured project management apps do. Other GTD features include views such as Today, showing all tasks that are due now or have been marked with a star, and Next for upcoming tasks and projects.

Firetask also includes a kanban view of your tasks. The apps are sold separately for a reasonable one-time fee.

GTD language and vocabulary

Supported platforms: macOS, iOS. The web-app Focuster, which is also accessible on mobile browsers, was made for busy entrepreneurs who need help with time management. Its signature feature is that it automatically checks your Google Calendar for times when you're free and then schedules tasks accordingly. You tell Focuster when tasks are due and how long you expect them to take, in addition to your working hours and time off, and it takes care of the rest.