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Message 7. Donc je suppose que ce DDE est celui ci : Code. Message 8. Message 9. Message A priori tu as une seule application sur ce disque. Est-ce important pour toi, ou est-il possible de tout effacer dessus? C'est bien plus lisible. Oups, excusez moi mais je ne comprends ce que vous me demandez!. Citation jeanjd63 31 Aug , Oups, je ne sais pas pourquoi il y a des espaces dans les commandes car en fait, je fais un copier coller des commandes que vous me recommandez de placer dans le Terminal!. Qu'en penses-tu? Merci Jerome.

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Bonjour, Merci pour cet article. Si le probleme est le disque dur M. Merci de votre aide. Bonjour Je viens de finir mon install hight sierra, sur un Intel p go. Ce fut rapide et tellement simple. Ah je me suis fait avoir!! Merci infiniment. Slt, Sur un macbook air 5. Aussi, as-tu un tuto pour faire le transfert vers le nouveau ssd? La solution simple : un adaptateur M. Super, Merci bcp. Certains ont-il des retours sur ce produit ou sa version Go?

Par contre, je ne sais pas comment la forcer. Je cherche la cause: 1.

Réinstallation de mac osx après un changement de disque dur ou un disque dur vide

Je vais le tester dans un autre ordinateur ce week end. Est-il compatible? Autre cause? Quid de la pratique? Site web ou blog. Un SSD M. Partager l'information avec vos amis. Bonjour la carotte! Encore bravo pour le travail et merci. Pierre Dandumont dit :. Martin dit :. Impressionnant boulot biographique et pratique! Anneleg dit :. Saint-Jey dit :.

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Marsu78 dit :. Marsu78 : Alors, deux solutions. Franchois dit :. Petite question! But that would be too easy! Remember : I'm french, so whining is written in my DNA :o I'm rather going to focus on getting things done. So, yesterday I decided that it would be nice for my users to enjoy the brand new Firefox I downloaded this new baby, mounted the.

It's a pretty simple script : it copies a few files to some specific locations and changes a few permissions, nothing fancy. It worked pretty well since june I had to update the script with the release of Firefox 34 because the devs suddenly decided that putting the autoconfig. Of course, there is no doc about it, so people like me have to guess it. I've also discovered that Firefox can load the autoconfig. Since it's probably? Furthermore, with Firefox 38 or maybe sooner , they also decided that the. Of course, the doc doesn't help here and still points to the old paths.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this change again in several months. So yeah, it was time to write something about all that stuff. I'll try to keep it up-to-date Download Firefox from the official channel. Let's start with the easy part! Firefox comes with its own settings management system. There is no.

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There will be no. So, it's a bit more painful, but we still can do things. Okay, let's start by creating a new file called autoconfig. This basically tells Firefox that you want it to load another set of preferences from the mozilla. You can name the file differently if you want, that's not a problem mine is called meyeretpartenaires. Just remember to put the good name in the autoconfig.

Mac OS X : les différentes versions

Create the mozilla. Here is mine :.

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Just have a look at those pages to get a list of available preferences and build your own set of prefs. You should know that any syntax error will prevent Firefox from starting. So you'd better check it and test it before you deploy it. This is where the fun begins. Firefox has different kind of add-ons, different locations to store them, different ways to load them and This how-to will only cover one case : include some add-ons, ensure they are enabled and prevent users from removing them.

Please also note that the user won't be able to disable nor remove the addon. In fact, the user won't even see the add-on in about:addons. If the user installs the same add-on in a more recent version, Firefox will use the most recent one that would be the user's. When ditributing an add-on using this method, Firefox loads it in a special way, so it might not work. If it doesn't, jump to the second method. Open the install. The id can be either a GUID or a string formatted like so : extensionname example.

You can even have both of them. Copy the id and close the file. Keep the extracted files. Create the following directory : Firefox. All you have to do is follow the previous method, but put the files in Firefox. It's a little bit more complicated to enable the add-on. Before dealing with that particular matter, there are a few things that you have to understand. First, Firefox can load add-ons from 4 locations called scopes. You should have a look at the doc to understand what they are : you will need them. Second, for obvious security reasons, Firefox comes with a mechanism that automatically disables add-ons that were not explicitly installed by the user.

So if you just put an add-on in a scope, Firefox will include it, but it will also disable it. Since this is our case, we'll have to disable this feature. This can be done by setting the preference extensions. So, in your mozilla. It's called extensions. Do you remember I told you Mozilla has a surprise for us?

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  • This means that we'll have to either stick with the second method and, remember, the user is then able to disable the included add-ons or But, you know what, maybe we should just stop deploying Firefox in enterprise. Remember what Asa Dotzler wrote back in ? Here it is, just in case you don't :. Enterprise has never been and I'll argue, shouldn't be a focus of ours.

    Until we run out of people who don't have sysadmins and enterprise deployment teams looking out for them, I can't imagine why we'd focus at all on the kinds of environments you care so much about. Admettons, par exemple, que certains de vos articles contiennent des liens dont l'URL se termine par ".

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    • Imaginez maintenant que l'utilisateur saisisse dans le champs de recherche le terme PHP Tous les articles contenant des liens se terminant par ". Utilisation Maintenant que notre table indexe le contenu des colonnes titre et article, voyons comment rechercher.