Dns resolver mac os x

The incorrect information in the file is probably the result of using some vpn software.

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How to Flush Your DNS Cache | News & Opinion | iredecihoc.tk

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How to Change DNS Server Settings in Mac OS?

This was made to make clear what should be happening here. Anyway, I also found out a nice little command that lets you check your current DNS configurations which resolvers you have defined, in which order are they configured, which domains do they resolve : scutil --dns.

How to change DNS settings in OSX

In other news, you can now use Consul domains directly in your browsers! The list of IP addresses should be separated with commas. This option requires that libcurl was built with a resolver backend that supports this operation.

The c-ares backend is the only such one. Added in 7.

The port option is currently ignored by c-ares internals and the standard port is always used.