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Luego de terminado el proceso, en la carpeta tendremos el archivo instalador con las modificaciones creadas por nosotros. Error de com. Hola, el programa tiene un problema visual en cuanto a las ventanas desplegables de insertos, entradas y salidas hasta el momento que salen de los canales en la. Entiendo que tiene que ver con el cambio visual de sistema operativo.

Por el momento no tenemos conocimiento… Apenas tengamos respuesta te hacemos saber. Yo ya le instale el pro tools pero me sale error. Estoy realizando pruebas para quitar el error de la carga en las librerias con el SDK de Mavericks directamente con el S. High Sierra si lo logro, les comentare el resultado. Recibir un email con los siguientes comentarios a esta entrada. Sorry if these are silly questions, I think I know just enough to be dangerous.

If bottom line is I need to update to Tortie , Feb 26, Jack- thanks so much for the response! My explanation was confusing- all applications and the OS are installed on my SSD thus it's my system drive and I didn't know if there were issues with putting the library on another drive.

It seems that the issue was with Pro Tools I sheepishly hadn't realized they'd updated beyond All issues disappeared; Komplete aax plugins loaded at launch of PT and did not pop up with the authorization error. So far it seems to be running smoothly with only one crash I was so excited to have my Komplete plugins loaded, I opened too many at once.

Should've tried that from the start! Thanks again!

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I have just installed the Once I updated to I'm pretty sure the other version of each plugin is working fine All plugins are authorized through Service Center and my iLok has most recent authorizations for other items on it working fine. I could move them to Unused folder, then when I occasionally use PT 11 they would not be available.

Re-Installing Pace iLok License Manager

Is there a solution for getting AAX's to work with Post at top says, " if you're already at Is this still the case?? Ed McMann , Jan 21, I'm on OSX No service center updates since this occured, though I stay fully up to date on all NI products I only mentioned iLok, because dialog box cited iLok as possible cause.

However downloading older versions is excellent idea. Thank you. Once I do, I'll post Gotta work first! After there was a notice that they might have been damaged. I appreciate your help. I'll stand guard over SC! I find rolling back plugins to be a huge pain So, I'll tolerate the errors during PT boot.

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I will not move them to unused folder, as I'll forget they exist! Yeah, I suppose I'm a bit lazy. Also, I wish NI sent out these plugin updates as a bundle, instead of individual components both ways would be great Why not have the full package of Plugins from K10U updated with one bundle? Then it would be quicker to do roll back, rather than having to do each one individually.

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Ed McMann , Jan 22, Thanks for you help. I appreciate it.

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Big Snow is the word! Best of luck. Power is KEY! Ed McMann , Jan 23, So why then does the Service Center app allow unsupported versions to be installed? Surely this is plug-in , to do a version check on the system? Time to uninstall some plug-ins I guess. Messages: 4. No customer service email to help and not even a single tip or hint from the forum moderators. This will be the first and last native purchase for me and the chained companies. Messages: 14, This forum is user-driven, NI employees don't often post here, it should not be considered the main support channel.

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If you just looked a bit more closely for this info on the NI website. Last edited: Nov 16,